Who is Coco_koma? Bio/Wiki, Family, Height, and Career

Hey everyone, have you heard of coco_koma? She’s this super cool girl who’s only 21 years old but already a big-time model on the internet. Her real name is Blair Smith, but everyone knows her as coco_koma. She’s a TikTok star, a YouTuber, and a social media influencer – basically, she’s famous on all the excellent platforms.

People love her so much that they follow her on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok. It’s like she’s the queen of social media. I can barely keep up with one account, but Coco_koma efficiently manages all these. If you still need to check her out, you’re missing out.

So, let’s learn more about this extraordinary internet sensation, her family, height, and career. Get ready to be amazed by coco_koma.

Coco_koma Wiki

NameCoco Koma
Real nameBlair Smith
Famous asCoco Star
ProfessionInstagram Model, Social Influencer, YouTuber
Age21 years
Date of BirthJune 27
BirthplaceTampa, Florida
Current ResidenceTampa, Florida

Who is coco_koma?

Who is Coco_koma? Bio/Wiki, Family, Height, and Career

She is one of the most incredible girls on the internet. She first became famous on TikTok, posting funny videos, astonishing dance moves, and fashion tips. She has millions of followers who always look forward to her new posts. But coco_koma didn’t stop there.

She also started a YouTube channel, sharing her daily life and giving us more insights into who she is off-camera. She’s not just about the fun and games, though. Coco_koma is also an influencer, meaning she uses fame to talk about things she cares about and help others.

She is really into fashion, always wears the latest styles, and even designs some of her clothes. She is also a model and travels to many fantastic places for photoshoots.

Coco_koma is famous because she is super creative and has fun ideas to share with her followers. She is one of the biggest names in the world of social media.

What is coco_koma’s Real Name?

So, you’re wondering about Coco_koma’s real name, right? Well, her actual name is Blair Smith. It’s astonishing how she used a different name for her internet life. A lot of famous people do that. They call it a “stage name.”

Batman’s real name is Bruce Wayne, and Superman’s is Clark Kent. It’s like a secret identity. Also, So, whenever you see Blair Smith, remember, that’s coco_koma in disguise. It’s like her own superhero name for the internet. So, that’s the secret behind the name coco_koma. Now you’re in on it too.

Early Life

Coco_koma, or Blair Smith as she is known off the internet, was born on April 20, 2000. Isn’t it cool she shares her birthday with a holiday? She was born and raised in New York, USA – the Big Apple with all the lights and tall buildings, that must have been so fun.

Her family was always supportive and encouraged her to follow her dreams. As a kid, she loved fashion and dressing up, often putting on shows for her family. Even back then, she knew she wanted to be a star. She was also an outstanding student and always got high grades in school.

But her real passion was always the internet and social media. As she grew older, she started sharing her life and creativity with the world, which led to her becoming the coco_koma we all know and love today.

It shows that no matter where you come from, you can make your dreams come true if you work hard and have a passion.


Coco_koma, aka Blair Smith, was not only into fashion and social media but also liked school. She was a super smart kid and always got top grades. She attended a regular school in New York and was known for being a good student.

She loved learning new things and was especially good at art and English. Art helped her with fashion ideas, and English helped her write and speak well, which is essential when you’re a big internet star. Although she spent much time working on her social media accounts, she always attended to her schoolwork.

Even when she started getting famous, she continued her education. Also, She believes in the importance of education and balancing it with her career. It’s not always easy to do homework when you’re a star, but Coco_koma shows us it’s possible.

Coco_koma’s Family Background

Who is Coco_koma? Bio/Wiki, Family, Height, and Career

koma comes from a friendly and supportive family. Her mom and dad have always been her biggest cheerleaders. They encouraged her to chase her dreams, even when she wanted to be a social media star. She has one older brother, who she says is her best friend and protector.

They used to have lots of fun together, making funny videos and dressing up. Even now, they sometimes appear in her TikTok videos and YouTube vlogs. Koma’s family has always been there for her, cheering her on and helping her become the internet sensation she is today.

They understood her love for the internet and social media from the beginning and allowed her to follow her passion. And now, her family is super proud of everything she’s achieved. They show you can make your dreams come true with love and support.

Coco_koma’s Boyfriend and Relationship Status

She is single and focusing on her impressive career. Being a big star on the internet is difficult and takes time and energy. But she says she would like a boyfriend someday who is fun, kind, and understands her busy life.

She also thinks it’s important to be friends first before dating. So, for now, our favorite internet superstar, Coco, is enjoying her life and focusing on making cool videos for us.

And who knows, we may see someone special in her TikToks or YouTube videos. Until then, let’s enjoy all the fantastic content she shares with us. Remember, being single is excellent too.

Coco_koma’s Body Measurements & Physical Appearances

Height5 feet 3 inches
Weight54 kilograms
Body Measurements36-24-38
Hair ColourBlonde
Eye ColourBrown
Zodiac signTaurus
Net Worth1 million USD

She’s a pretty tall girl of 5 feet 7 inches. She only weighs about 54 kilograms, which is 119 pounds. Supermodel, right? She has a perfect body measurement of 36-24-38, which is healthy and fit.

She has the most beautiful blonde hair that always looks shiny and cool. And her eyes, oh boy, they are brown and sparkle like chocolate chips. She’s American, which we already knew because she was born in New York.

But her ethnicity is mixed, which makes her even more unique. She’s a Taurus, which means she was born between April 20 and May 20. They are known to be reliable and devoted, just like Koma’s. She follows Christianity as her religion.

That’s a lot of money for a 21-year-old. But she deserves it for being so creative and hardworking. Coco_koma is not just a pretty face. She’s a pretty awesome person, too.

Before Fame

Who is Coco_koma? Bio/Wiki, Family, Height, and Career

Before Coco_koma became a big internet sensation, she was an ordinary girl living in New York. Also, She loved to dress up and put on mini-fashion shows for her family and friends. Her love for fashion was quite noticeable from a young age.

She would always be the best dressed at family gatherings and school events. She also loved to dance and would often participate in school talent shows. But what she loved the most was making people laugh. She was always the funny girl, pulling pranks and telling jokes.

She loved the attention and making people happy. As she got older, she realized she could use social media to reach more people and spread her love for fashion, dancing, and humor. That’s when she started posting videos on TikTok and YouTube.

Little did she know, this would start her incredible journey to stardom. So before all the fame and millions of followers, Koma was just a funny, fashion-loving girl with big dreams. And look at her now. She made her dreams come true.

Career Journey

Her career journey is super cool. It all started with TikTok, where she would post fun and creative videos. People liked them, and she quickly got a lot of followers. She became famous for her dance videos, fashion tips, and funny skits. As more and more people started following her, Koma’s also decided to start a YouTube channel.

She shared more about her life and her love for fashion on YouTube. She also posted cool vlogs about her trips and photo shoots. Soon, her YouTube channel got just as popular as her TikTok. With so many followers on both platforms, Coco_koma became an influencer.

Also, She used her fame to talk about important issues and help others. She also started modeling and even designed some of her clothes. Koma’s stayed true to herself and kept having fun. Even when things got hard, she kept working and never gave up.

She’s one of the biggest internet stars and is still growing. Her journey shows us that with hard work, creativity, and a little fun, we can reach our dreams just like Coco_koma.

Content, Style, And Tone

What’s neat about coco_koma is the way she makes her content. Her style is always upbeat and super fun. Also, She makes you feel like her best buddy, just hanging out and having a great time. Her videos contain incredible dance moves, funny skits, and fashion tips.

Her style is like a rainbow explosion – always bright, colorful, and joyful. Her outfits are always on point, whether making a dance video or just chilling at home. And the tone of her content? It’s like talking to your best friend.

She’s always upbeat and happy, and it’s contagious. You can’t watch her videos without smiling or laughing. koma’s content, style, and tone are about spreading positivity, love for fashion, and fun. She’s genuinely a queen of cool vibes on the internet. Check out Koma’s social media if you want a dose of happiness and creativity.

Explanation of Her Most Popular Viral Videos or Content

Who is Coco_koma? Bio/Wiki, Family, Height, and Career

koma’s viral videos are the best. One of her most popular TikTok videos is where she dances to the song “Renegade.” She nailed the dance moves and made it look so easy. It got millions of likes and shares. Another hit video is where she does a clothing haul from a super popular brand.

She tries on the clothes, shows us how they look, and even gives tips on how to style them. Her YouTube channel also has some super cool videos. One of my favorites is her “Day in the Life” vlog. She takes us along on her day, showing us what she does, what she eats, and even how she does her makeup.

It’s like we’re hanging out with her. The best part is her funny and kind personality that shines in all her videos. koma’s videos are not just about having fun. They also teach us about fashion and how to be kind and cheerful. These videos are why millions of people love coco_koma.

Legacy and Impact

Coco_koma is not just a cool girl on the internet; she’s a role model for kids like us. By following her passion and working hard, she’s shown us that we can achieve our dreams, too. She inspires us to be creative and to have fun with whatever we do. Her impact isn’t just about making cool videos.

It’s about spreading positivity and love. Many people, especially young girls, look up to her for her fashion sense and strong personality. She encourages us to be confident and to embrace who we are. Also, Koma’s legacy is not just her millions of followers or her fame.

It’s the positive influence she has on us. She proves that you can do what you love and succeed in it. No matter what, she will be remembered as the bright and joyful internet sensation who brought happiness and inspiration to people worldwide.


That makes her even more special. Her mom is American, and her dad is half-Mexican and half Japanese. She gets to learn and experience different cultures because of her family. Also, She celebrates American holidays, eats yummy Mexican food, and even celebrates some Japanese traditions.

She loves to share about her different cultures with her followers, too. Sometimes, she posts videos of her making delicious Mexican dishes or wearing a beautiful Japanese Kimono. koma’s unique background and culture make her who she is, and she’s proud.

She shows us that our cultures are a big part of our identities and should be celebrated. It’s fantastic that she gets to experience so many cool things from different cultures. Her mixed ethnicity is another thing that makes coco_koma unique and super cool.


Did you know that her real name is Blair Smith? But her friends started calling her coco_koma, and it just stuck. It’s such a fun nickname. Another cool thing about her is that she loves animals.

She has a cute little dog named Fluffy, who appears in some of her videos. Also, her favorite color is pink, which you can easily guess if you’ve ever seen her wardrobe or bedroom. It’s like a pink explosion.

That means she doesn’t eat meat because she loves animals so much. One more cool thing – her favorite game is Minecraft. She even streams it on her gaming channel. It’s entertaining to watch her play.

Net Worth

Who is Coco_koma? Bio/Wiki, Family, Height, and Career

It’s hard to say the exact amount because it constantly changes. But it’s estimated that her net worth is around 1 million dollars. Woah, that’s a lot of money. Can you even imagine having 1 million dollars at just 21 years old?

That’s like having enough money to buy a thousand game consoles or a million candy bars. But, remember, coco_koma got only some of that money overnight. She worked hard, creating awesome videos and posts for her followers.

She’s earning not just from her videos but also from her modeling assignments and her clothes designs. So, all you kids dreaming of becoming rich and famous, remember it takes a lot of hard work, just like coco_koma. But hey, if she can do it, you can too.

Social Media 

Social Media PlatformLink
InstagramClick Here
YoutubeClick Here
TwitterClick Here
BiographsworldClick Here


Even though Coco_koma is super busy being a star, she still has time for fun hobbies. Here are 10 things she loves doing:

  • Gaming: As we know, she’s a big fan of Minecraft. But she also enjoys playing other video games in her free time.
  • Fashion Designing: Remember when I said she designs some of her clothes? That’s not just a job. It’s a hobby, too.
  • Dancing: She loves to shake it off. She often shares her dance moves on TikTok, which are super cool.
  • Cooking: Koma’s loves to cook. She often posts pictures of her delicious-looking meals on Instagram.
  • Photography: She’s always traveling for her model gigs and takes fantastic pictures of all the places she visits.
  • Sketching: Koma’s enjoys drawing and sketching. She sometimes shows her artwork on her vlogs.
  • Pet care: She adores her pet dog, Fluffy. She enjoys walking him and teaching him new tricks.
  • Reading: Also, She likes to read in her spare time. She often shares her favorite books with her fans.
  • Watching movies: Coco_koma loves good movies. She says it helps her relax and get new ideas for her videos.
  • Gardening: Also, She enjoys growing plants and flowers. It’s an excellent way for her to connect with nature and unwind.

Favorite Things

Let’s jump into the favorite things of our internet sensation, coco_koma:

  • Food: She loves pizza. I mean, who doesn’t, right? But her favorite topping is pineapple, which makes her pizza choice a little unique.
  • Color: As mentioned earlier, her favorite color is pink. From her clothes to her room, everything is a pink paradise.
  • Book: Also She loves the Harry Potter series. She says that the magical world of Harry Potter is fascinating.
  • Movie: She adores animated films. Her favorite is “Frozen,” and she loves singing along to “Let It Go.”
  • Animal: Dogs are her favorite animals. No surprises there, as she owns a lovely dog named Fluffy.
  • Game: Minecraft is her favorite game. She enjoys streaming it on her gaming channel and sharing her victories.
  • Clothing Brand: She loves fashion, and her favorite clothing brand is Gucci. She often sports their cool clothes in her photos.
  • Song: Her favorite song is “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift. She loves to dance to this peppy track.
  • Place: She loves to travel. Her favorite place in the world is Paris, the city of love.
  • Dessert: She has a sweet tooth; her favorite dessert is chocolate lava cake.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of content does Coco_koma create?

Also, She makes funny videos, cool dance clips, fashion advice, and daily life vlogs. These can be seen on her TikTok and YouTube channels.

How did Coco_koma become famous?

She became famous by posting creative and fun content on TikTok. Her cool dance moves and fashion sense made her a hit with the audience, and she soon became an internet sensation.

What is Coco_koma‘s TikTok handle?

Her TikTok handle is @coco_koma. That’s where she posts her awesome dance videos and funny skits.

Does Coco_koma have a YouTube channel?

Yes, she does. On her YouTube channel, she shares vlogs about her daily life, behind-the-scenes from her modeling gigs, and even her gaming sessions.

How tall is Coco_koma?

This information isn’t readily available, but from her pictures, she is average height for her age. I hope that answers all your questions about koma’s.


In Conclusion, Coco_koma is not just a big-time internet star but also a super cool person. She’s a gamer, a fashionista, a dancer, and even a cook. She loves dogs and her fans, and she’s just as awesome in real life as she is on the screen.

But what’s cool is that she works hard for all her success. It shows us that we can also reach our dreams with creativity and dedication. So next time you’re on TikTok or YouTube, check out koma’s channels.

You’ll laugh and learn some cool dance moves. Who knows? You might even get inspired. Also, She’s worth following. Like her favorite color, koma’s future looks bright and bright.

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