Rissa May Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Rissa May the name that has been on everyone’s lips lately. This young and talented American actress and model has taken the entertainment industry by storm with her stunning looks and impressive performances. At such a young age, Rissa has already accomplished so much and continues to rise to new heights.

In this article, we will deeply dive into her life and uncover all the details about her personal and professional journey. From her age and height to her flourishing career and net worth, we will leave no stone unturned.

And let’s not forget to mention her loving husband, who has been her pillar of support throughout her journey. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to discover all there is to know about the gorgeous and talented Rissa May.

Rissa May Wiki

NameRissa May
NetworthUSD 100K
Birth DateJanuary 2, 2005
Birth PlaceUnited States
Age18 years

Who Is Rissa May?

Rissa May Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Born under the winter skies on January 2, 2005, in the United States, She is a renowned actress and model who has won the hearts of millions with her extraordinary talent and natural beauty. Rising to fame swiftly in her early years, Rissa has been applauded for her versatile acting abilities that have seen her convincingly portray various roles.

Her mesmerizing on-screen performances have resonated with audiences and received numerous prestigious awards and recognitions. But acting isn’t Rissa’s only forte. This multifaceted diva also has a successful career in modeling. Her striking features and confident demeanor have paved the way for several modeling opportunities, leading to successful partnerships with high-end brands.

This combination of acting prowess and modeling excellence has made Rissa a much sought-after name in the entertainment industry. Her captivating persona continues to enchant her as she flawlessly transitions between roles and runways.

Rissa May’s Education

While maintaining her rising fame, She also prioritized her education. She was homeschooled during her early years and later attended a prestigious university in the United States, balancing her academic pursuits with her budding career in acting and modeling. Rissa’s educational journey undoubtedly played a crucial role in shaping her as a versatile artist.

Though specific details about her academic field remain undisclosed, Rissa’s dedication and commitment to learning are commendable. She believes in constant growth and learning, applying her education to her career and using her experiences to expand her knowledge base.

As she continues to navigate her thriving career, Rissa’s commitment to education continues to shine through, further enriching her performances and demonstrating her multifaceted talent. Her educational background is a testament to her hard work and dedication, making her an inspiration for young aspirants in the entertainment industry.

Rissa May’s Family Background and Upbringing

She , born and raised in the United States, hails from a family deeply rooted in the arts. From a young age, Rissa’s parents fostered her talents, recognizing her potential and nurturing it with utmost love and care. Rissa has always cherished her family’s unwavering support and attributes her success to her parents’ faith in her abilities.

She grew up in a closely-knit family, sharing a profound bond with her siblings. Their love and encouragement have played a pivotal role in Rissa’s journey. Her upbringing, infused with family values and a healthy dose of self-expression, helped shape her into the strong, independent artist she is today.

Being surrounded by artistic individuals in her family influenced her passion for acting and modeling. Throughout her rise to fame, Rissa has always kept her family at the center of her universe, considering them her greatest strength. Despite her star-studded life, She remains grounded, attributing this trait to her family’s influence, making it clear that she is not just a gifted actress but also a humble individual.

Career Journey

Rissa May Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Rissa debuted in the entertainment world in 2024 and had a long-standing passion for modeling and movies. She boldly entered the performing world after finishing her education, driven to leave her mark. Her early career was characterized by commitment and tenacity as she refined her abilities and paid a lot of overtime to get recognized. After much effort and development of her talent, Rissa made a breakthrough in the AV sector.

She demonstrated adaptability and capacity to inhabit various personas in each part she played. Every performance displayed Rissa’s love for her art, grabbing the interest of industry insiders and spectators. Even as her career took off, Rissa maintained her modesty and concentration. She took advantage of every chance presented as she continued to study and develop. She continued to establish herself as a rising star with every project, making a lasting effect on everyone with whom she collaborated.

Her formative years played a critical role in determining her success in the future. From her audacious start to her unwavering devotion and passion for her work, Rissa has established herself as a formidable force in the entertainment business. We’ll learn more about her personal and professional life and how she became the fantastic actress and model we are today as we explore deeper into her biography.

Rissa May Husband and Relationship Status

Regarding Her relationship status, this is an area she prefers to keep under wraps. While we know she is happily married, details about her husband remain shrouded in secrecy. Rissa is a highly private individual who maintains a clear line between her personal life and her public persona.

Her decision to keep her romantic life away from the prying eyes of the media allows her to concentrate on her rapidly evolving career, free from unnecessary distractions. As admirers of Rissa, it’s important to respect her privacy and not focus solely on her personal life. Instead, our admiration should be directed at her remarkable talent and continually increasing list of achievements in the entertainment world.

Her captivating performances and relentless dedication to her craft define her as a rising star. While we may not know the intricate details of her romantic endeavours, we can undoubtedly applaud her unwavering commitment to her profession, her grace under the spotlight, and her significant imprint in the industry.

Rissa May’s Body Measurements & Physical Appearances

Height163 cm
 1.63 m
 5 ft 4 in
Weight57 kg
 125 lbs (pounds)
Eye ColorBlond/Brown
Hair ColorBlond/Brown
Figure Size34E-24-34
Dress Size36 (EU)
Shoe Size7

With her radiant presence, She boasts an impressive physique that complements her striking talent. Standing tall at 5 feet 4 inches (or 1.63 meters), she weighs a healthy 57 kg (or 125 lbs), an embodiment of fitness and vitality. Her captivating eyes and hair, an enchanting blend of blond and brown, add to her allure, making her an absolute head-turner.

Rissa has a well-proportioned figure, with measurements of 34E-24-34, elegantly accentuating her presence in the entertainment world. This exquisite diva prefers a European dress size 36, reflecting her refined style quotient. Her shoe size is 7, further showcasing her attention to detail regarding personal style.

Rissa sports some tattoos, expressing her artistic side and adding an edgy appeal to her persona. Her unique blend of talent, beauty, and style sets her apart. With her dedication to fitness and fashion, Rissa  continues to captivate her fans and inspire upcoming artists.


Rissa May Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Her diverse heritage is as intriguing as her extraordinary career. The multitalented actress and model proudly identifies as an American of mixed ethnicity, a blend that further adds to her unique charm and charisma. Her cultural background has influenced her personality, making her more receptive and appreciative of various cultures and traditions.

Rissa’s multi-ethnic background adds to her exotic appeal and enriches her approach to her craft, as she brings her varied cultural understanding to her roles. It’s a testament to her versatility as an artist, mirroring the diverse range of characters she convincingly portrays on screen.

This rich cultural background has undoubtedly contributed to Her broad-minded perspective and global appeal, further establishing her as an artist of substance in the entertainment industry.

Film Debut

She made her eagerly awaited movie debut in 2023 through the esteemed East Coast Talents production company. This was a thrilling turning point in her career as she entered the realm of big-screen acting. Audiences and industry insiders were amazed by Rissa’s extraordinary talent and magnetic charisma. Following her debut, Rissa worked with well-known adult entertainment firms, including ATK.

She showed her adaptability and capacity to play various roles with each assignment. Every performance by Rissa demonstrated her commitment to and love for her work, confirming her place as one of the industry’s emerging stars. More fascinating endeavors from Rissa are likely as her career continues to flourish. Her cinematic debut was just the beginning of an exciting journey of memorable roles and intriguing performances.

Achievements And Notable Mentions Of Rissa May

She has had a great career filled with many achievements and noteworthy comments for her extraordinary talent and diligence. One of her greatest successes occurred in 2019 when, for her outstanding performance in the highly regarded film “The Rising Sun,” she was awarded the coveted Best Actress prize at the esteemed film festival. With this honour, she cemented her status as one of the most promising actors in the business and gained widespread recognition for her exceptional acting abilities.

Rissa has also received recognition for her commitment to social organizations and philanthropic initiatives. She has actively supported charitable causes and events by leveraging her platform to spread the word about and garner support for crucial causes like environmental preservation and early childhood education. Her dedication to giving back to the community has won her colleagues’ and admirers’ respect and affection.

Apart from her career accomplishments, Rissa has garnered recognition for her distinct sense of style and fashion sense. She is praised as a fashion icon by many and has appeared on the covers of multiple fashion magazines. She is a darling among designers and fashionistas due to her exquisite sense of style and seamless ability to pull off any ensemble.

Before Fame

Before stepping into the spotlight, Rissa May led a life of artistic exploration and creative growth. She spent her pre-fame years honing her acting and modeling skills while remaining dedicated to academics. Rissa always possessed a flair for the performing arts, a passion that was recognized and encouraged by her family.

She actively participated in school plays and community theater, exhibiting her raw talent and magnetic charisma early on. Rissa also showed a keen interest in fashion and modeling, studying fashion trends and practicing poses for countless hours.

This unrelenting passion and devotion to her craft set the stage for her eventual breakthrough into the entertainment industry. Despite the glamour and glitz that now surround her, Rissa’s humble beginnings continue to shape her as an artist and a person. Her journey before fame is a testament to her commitment and strong belief in following her dreams.

How Rissa May became an off-model  

Rissa May Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Transitioning from acting to modeling wasn’t a far-fetched leap for Rissa. Being a natural in front of the camera, she was already capturing the attention of the modeling industry with her magnetic charm and stunning looks. Her artistic family background significantly influenced her exposure to various facets of the creative world.

Modeling was just another platform for Rissa to express her artistic prowess. After gracing the acting world with her talent, she was soon spotted by modeling scouts captivated by her striking presence. This opened a new chapter in Rissa’s career, leading her to the glossy pages of renowned fashion magazines and the glamorous runways of the fashion world.

Her fearless attitude, intense discipline, and commitment helped her carve a niche in the modeling industry. Today, she is an off-model, diverging from traditional norms and redefining beauty with her unique style and persona. This evolution from an actress to an off-model further showcases Rissa’s versatility and passion for the creative arts.

Net Worth

It is believed that Rissa May is worth USD 100K. She is a motivating role model for anyone who aspires to enter the glamorous sector and show off their talents.

Social Media

Social Media PlatformLink
InstagramClick Here
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Rissa May’s Hobbies

  • Her love for rhythm and movement is a testament to her passion for self-expression.
  • Her creativity also extends to photography, where she captures breathtaking shots, often showcasing them on her social media platforms.
  • A voracious reader, Rissa enjoys delving into literature, immersing herself in various genres, from classic novels to contemporary works.
  • Her interest in reading significantly contributes to her intellectual depth.
  • Fitness is another area Rissa is passionate about.
  • She enjoys challenging workouts and leads an active lifestyle, ensuring she stays in shape for her demanding career.
  • Rissa’s love for animals is evident as she cherishes spending time with her pet dog, Bella.
  • Her adventurous spirit is evident in her bucket list, including thrill-seeking activities like skydiving and bungee jumping.
  • She also loves to travel, with Paris topping her list of favorite destinations.
  • Rissa’s hobbies reflect her multifaceted personality, further highlighting the depth and breadth of this talented young star.

Interesting Facts

  • Her passion for the arts extends beyond acting and modeling. She is also an accomplished dancer, expressing her artistic creativity through dance moves.
  • Despite her young age, Rissa is a voracious reader and credits her love for books for her intellectual depth.
  • She is passionate about fitness and maintains her physique through rigorous workouts and healthy eating habits.
  • Rissa is also an animal lover and has a pet dog named Bella.
  • She is keenly interested in photography and often shares her stunning captures on social media.
  • Rissa is fluent in English, and Spanish is handy during her travels.
  • She strongly advocates mental health awareness and often participates in events to promote the cause.
  • Rissa loves adventure and has a bucket list of adrenaline-fueled activities like skydiving and bungee jumping.
  • Her favourite holiday destination is Paris, the city of love and fashion.
  • Despite her fame, Rissa prioritizes giving back to the community and often volunteers at local charities.

Frequently Asked Questions 

When and where was Rissa May born?

She was born in the United States on January 2, 2005.

What educational background does Rissa May have?

She was homeschooled early on and later attended a prestigious university in the United States.

Can you share some details about May’s family?

Rissa comes from a closely-knit family deeply rooted in the arts. Specific details about her family are not public.

How did Rissa start her career in acting and modeling?

After completing her education, Rissa started her career in the entertainment industry in 2024.

What are some interesting facts about Rissa’s?

She is a talented actress and model, an accomplished dancer, a voracious reader, a fitness enthusiast, an animal lover, a budding photographer, and a strong advocate for mental health awareness.

What is Rissa’s relationship status?

She is happily married. However, specific details about her husband are kept private.

Rissa May Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024


In conclusion, She is a shining star who personifies talent, hard work, and commitment. Her journey from a young aspiring actress to a renowned artist in the entertainment industry is truly inspirational. With her acting prowess, modeling excellence, and impressive education, Rissa has set a new benchmark for emerging talents.

Despite her meteoric rise to fame, her grounded nature speaks volumes about her character. Though she prefers to keep her personal life private, her love for her craft, passion for learning, and commitment to fitness and health are apparent. She is much more than her stunning looks; she is a force to be reckoned with.

As we look forward to what the future holds for this promising artist, we celebrate the accomplishments she has achieved thus far. Here’s to Rissa May – a woman of substance, an artist of caliber, and a beacon of inspiration for many.

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