Who is Steph Oshiri? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height 2024

Welcome to the world of Steph Oshiri, the stunning plus-size model and adult content creator hailing from Canada. With her captivating presence and unapologetic approach to embracing her body, Steph has taken the online world by storm.

Fans and followers flock to her social media accounts and subscription-based platforms to glimpse her bold and beautiful content. But who exactly is Steph Oshiri? In this blog post, we will dive into the details of her life, from her age and career to her family and net worth.

Get ready to learn more about this talented and fearless woman who breaks barriers and redefines beauty standards, one post at a time. Let’s discover the world of Steph Oshiri together.

Steph Oshiri Bio/Wiki

Full NameSteph Oshiri
Other Names / Nicknamesstephoshiri, stephoshirii
Date of BirthJanuary 3, 1995
Age28 years in 2023
Zodiac SignCapricorn
ProfessionAdult Content Creator
Marital StatusUnmarried
Language she speaksEnglish

Who is Steph Oshiri?

Who is Steph Oshiri? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height 2024

Born on January 3, 1995, Steph Oshiri is a dynamic presence in the realm of plus-size modeling and adult content creation, hailing from the vibrant landscapes of Canada.

Known widely by her professional moniker, Steph Oshiri, and the alternate spelling, Steph Oshiri, she identifies as a female trailblazer in an industry that thrives on authenticity and boldness.

At the age of 28, Steph has already carved out a unique niche for herself, distinguishing her work through a blend of charisma, confidence, and the celebration of body positivity.

Her journey into the spotlight was not conventional, driven by her passion for challenging societal norms and embracing the beauty in diversity.

Steph’s digital footprint spans various platforms, where she engages with a diverse audience, sharing glimpses of her life, work, and the convictions fueling her creativity.

Her rise to prominence has been marked by a steadfast commitment to self-expression and advocacy for inclusivity, making her not just a model but a beacon for many seeking inspiration in their journeys of self-acceptance and empowerment.

Early Life

Delving into the early years of Steph Oshiri sheds light on the foundation of her journey to becoming a celebrated figure in the realm of plus-size modeling and adult content creation.

Born and raised in Canada, Steph’s upbringing was marked by an early exposure to the importance of self-acceptance and the value of embracing one’s uniqueness.

From a young age, she demonstrated a penchant for creativity and self-expression, often finding solace in the arts and using them to articulate her thoughts and feelings.

This inclination towards artistic expression laid the groundwork for her future endeavours, including her venture into the digital world via platforms like Steph Oshiri OnlyFans.

The decision to join Steph Oshiri OnlyFans, a subscription-based content service, was pivotal in Steph Oshiri’s career, allowing her to connect with a broader audience while championing body positivity and self-love.

Though private and not extensively documented, her early life played a significant role in shaping the person and professional Steph Oshiri has become today, underscoring the influence of one’s beginnings on one’s path to self-discovery and professional evolution.


While specific details about Steph Oshiri’s formal education remain primarily under wraps, it’s evident that her journey has been one of continual learning and growth. Sources close to Steph suggest that she has always been an avid learner, keen on enhancing her knowledge and skills to better her craft.

Her educational path is private, but it is clear that Steph values the principles of education, whether through traditional schooling or self-directed learning experiences.

Her career trajectory showcases a deep understanding of digital media, marketing, and the nuances of personal branding, hinting at a background enriched with education, be it academically or through real-life experiences.

This blend of formal and informal learning has undoubtedly contributed to her success, enabling her to navigate the complexities of her industry with finesse. However, the specifics of her educational background are not disclosed.

Steph’s articulate communication, strategic content creation, and business acumen speak volumes about her commitment to learning and development, underscoring the diverse ways education shapes individuals beyond the classroom.

Steph Oshiri’s Family Background

Who is Steph Oshiri? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height 2024
FatherNot Known
MotherNot Known
SisterNot Known
BrotherNot Known
RelativesNot Known
FriendsNot Known

Steph Oshiri maintains a veil of privacy when it comes to her family, choosing to keep the details of her home life away from the public eye. This discretion is ordinary among public figures, especially those who navigate the complexities of online platforms and adult content creation.

Despite her openness about her career and personal beliefs, Steph has opted to shield her family from the limelight, a decision that resonates with her advocacy for personal boundaries and mental health. What is known, however, is that her family’s support has been a cornerstone in her journey, providing a stable foundation for her ventures into modeling and digital content creation.

Insights into her early life suggest that her family played a significant role in fostering her confidence and encouraging her to pursue her passions, embodying the values of acceptance and empowerment she now champions.

While specifics about her family members remain undisclosed, it’s clear that their influence has been pivotal in shaping Steph into the trailblazer she is today, highlighting the profound impact of familial support on personal and professional development.

Steph Oshiri’s Boyfriend and Relationship Status

Relationship StatusStatus
Husband/WifeNot Known

In personal life details that captivate public interest, Steph Oshiri’s relationship status remains a focal point for many fans and followers. As of 2024, Steph is embracing the single life, focusing her energy on her burgeoning career and the diverse projects that come her way.

Who is Steph Oshiri? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height 2024

This status reflects not just a personal choice but a broader trend among individuals in the public eye, prioritizing personal growth and professional endeavors over romantic relationships. While Steph keeps her romantic life private, her decision to remain single at this juncture is publicly known, offering a glimpse into her priorities and life choices in her late twenties.

Steph’s approach to relationships underscores a modern perspective on singleness, viewing it as an opportunity for self-discovery and career advancement rather than a status to be quickly changed.

Her fans respect and admire her for this stance, seeing it as another facet of her empowerment and independence. This current phase of her life highlights Steph’s commitment to herself and her career, setting an example for those who admire her work and follow her journey.

Steph Oshiri Height, Weight, Hair color, eye color, etc

Height5 feet 2 inches
Weight90 KG
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack

Steph Oshiri’s height stands approximately 5 feet 2 inches, a stature she carries with pride and confidence. Her body weight is around 90 KG, and she has advocated for body positivity, showcasing that beauty comes in all sizes and shapes.

A distinctive feature that adds to her captivating presence is her black hair, which complements her style and persona, whether it’s through bold photoshoots or candid social media posts.

Her eyes are also black, which enhances her beauty and adds depth to her visual content, allowing her to connect with her audience on a more personal level.

Steph’s physical attributes and dynamic personality make her a standout figure in her industry, demonstrating that confidence and self-acceptance are key to attractiveness.

Career Journey

Steph Oshiri’s career trajectory is a compelling tale of tenacity and transformation. Starting with a passion for challenging societal norms around beauty and size, Steph initially garnered attention through her persuasive presence on social media platforms.

Her career took a significant turn when she ventured into plus-size modeling, quickly distinguishing herself with her unique aesthetic and unyielding confidence. Her decision to enter adult content creation, particularly on platforms like Steph Oshiri OnlyFans, marked a pivotal point in her career.

This move expanded her reach and allowed her to control her narrative, championing body positivity and self-love in a space often criticized for lacking inclusivity.

Steph’s foray into digital content creation has been characterized by strategic collaborations and constant engagement with her audience, setting her apart as a savvy digital entrepreneur.

Throughout her journey, Steph has remained committed to breaking down barriers and redefining beauty standards, making her career a testament to the power of resilience and self-belief in the face of industry challenges.

Who is Steph Oshiri? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height 2024

Before Fame

Before achieving fame, Steph Oshiri was much like any other young woman with dreams and aspirations, yet her path was marked by a distinctive desire to redefine conventional beauty standards.

Growing up in Canada, she navigated the challenges of adhering to societal expectations while nurturing a growing passion for self-expression and diversity. Early on, she gravitated towards creative outlets, exploring various forms of artistic expression that allowed her to articulate her unique perspective on beauty and self-acceptance.

This period was crucial in shaping her future, as she began questioning and challenging the norms that dictated how beauty should be represented. Her bold decision to share her journey and embrace her identity entirely was not an overnight success but a gradual process of self-discovery and resilience.

Before stepping into the limelight, Steph dedicated herself to understanding the impact of digital media and how it could be used as a powerful tool for change, setting the stage for her later accomplishments in modeling and content creation.

Legacy and Impact

Steph Oshiri’s influence extends beyond her eye-catching photos and videos; she fundamentally alters how beauty and body positivity is perceived in the modelling and online content creation spheres.

Through her unwavering commitment to self-love and diversity, Steph has inspired a legion of followers to embrace their uniqueness confidently. Her legacy is intricately linked with the empowerment of individuals whom mainstream beauty standards have historically marginalized.

As she continues to break barriers and champion inclusivity, Steph Oshiri’s impact resonates as a powerful beacon of change, encouraging others to live authentically and unapologetically. Her story is not just about personal success; it’s a clarion call for societal transformation towards greater acceptance and understanding.

Net Worth

Net Worth (All-Time)
Monthly Income$50,000
Net Worth (All Time)$2,000,000

Social Media Links

Social Media PlatformLink
Twitter (X)@stephoshiri
Home PageClick Here


Among the many talents and quirks that make Steph Oshiri a fascinating figure, one particular feat is the Steph Oshiri bottle trick. This playful display of skill became a viral sensation, showcasing her sense of fun and ability to engage with her audience uniquely.

The trick, which involves flipping a water bottle and landing it upright, was not just about the challenge but also highlighted her creative approach to content creation and her knack for turning simple moments into memorable interactions.

Little wonders like the bottle trick add layers to Steph’s online persona, making her relatable and endearing to her fans. This talent is a testament to her dynamic presence both on and off the camera, encapsulating the essence of her appeal.

Favorite Things

Steph Oshiri is full of admirable qualities, some even her favorites. Some of the things that are particularly dear to her are as follows:

Comfort Food: The best option is Italian food. She has a soft place for the delicious combination of pizza and pasta. She takes great pleasure in preparing and devouring these delicacies.

Fashion Statement: Her go-to look is easy and breezy. She loves dressing in ways that reflect who she is and embrace her body positivity.

Home Corner: She treasures her at-home office because she is a homebody. It serves as both her haven and a place where she can reconcile her personal and work lives.

Exercise Routine: She prefers body-positive training. They are essential to her way of life and reflect her self-love philosophy.

Fun Facts

Who is Steph Oshiri? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height 2024
  • Steph Oshiri’s favorite color is electric blue, representing power and serenity.
  • Despite her confidence on camera, Steph admits to having a fear of heights, something she’s working to overcome through various adventures.
  • Before fame, she once worked as a barista in a local coffee shop, where she honed her people skills and learned the art of crafting the perfect latte.
  • Steph’s guilty pleasure is binge-watching old sitcoms, with “Friends” being her all-time favorite for its humor and timeless appeal.
  • An avid animal lover, Steph volunteers at animal shelters whenever her schedule allows, believing in giving back to the community and helping those without a voice.
  • Steph Oshiri’s weight journey has been part of her empowerment message, advocating for self-love and health at any size.
  • Her dream vacation destination is the Maldives, where she fantasizes about doing a glamorous photo shoot on the white sandy beaches.
  • Steph Oshiri videos often feature spontaneous dance breaks, showing her love for music and movement as a form of expression.
  • The first thing she purchased after earning significantly from her modeling and content creation was a custom-made necklace bearing her logo, symbolizing her commitment to her brand.
  • There was a frenzy around Steph Oshiri leaked content once, which she handled with grace and strength, turning the situation into an empowering message about consent and privacy in the digital age.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I follow Steph Oshiri on social media?

You can follow Steph Oshiri on her Instagram account for the latest updates, behind-the-scenes looks, and engaging content that showcases her life and work.

Can I access exclusive Steph Oshiri content?

Yes, fans can access exclusive content by subscribing to Steph Oshiri OnlyFans account, where she shares unique, subscriber-only posts that offer a closer look into her creative world.

Has Steph Oshiri ever dealt with leaked content?

Steph Oshiri has experienced content leaks in the past. However, she handled the situation resiliently, using it to discuss important topics like consent and privacy in the digital space.

Where can I see the Steph Oshiri bottle trick video?

The viral Steph Oshiri bottle trick video can be found on her social media platforms. This playful feat showcases her fun side and has become a memorable moment for her fans.

Are there any new Steph Oshiri videos I should look out for?

Steph Oshiri regularly posts engaging videos on her platforms, including spontaneous dance breaks and personal vlogs.

Keep an eye on Steph Oshiri Instagram and OnlyFans accounts to stay updated on her latest projects and releases.


In Conclusion, As a result of our investigation into Steph Oshiri’s life, we now value her career achievements and the extraordinary person she is off-screen. Oshiri’s journey, which began in Canada and led to her success as an adult content maker and plus-size model, is evidence of her tenacity and self-belief.

She is a trailblazer in her career, supporting self-love and body positivity. She shines distinctively and inspires those around her despite biases and societal constraints. Her choices and way of life show that she is a woman who values nature, cooks, enjoys cooking, is passionate about fashion, is fit, and supports body positivity. Oshiri is so much more than her internet presence. She is a complex person going about her life.

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