How to Enjoy Virtual Reality Pornography

whenever we are shown a new piece of technology, the first thing we want to know is “how can I use this to have sex?” This article details how to engage in sexual activity while wearing a virtual reality headset such as the Oculus Quest 2, PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, or other similar devices.

VR Porn Tutorial for the Oculus Quest 2

An “entry-level” virtual reality porn experience can be had with an Oculus Quest 2 (or other headset) in a ridiculously short amount of time.

Viewing beginner-level virtual reality porn content with an Oculus Quest 2

Seal the door behind you.

Don a pair of headphones.

Select the browser by clicking on it.

Visit a VR Porn website. You can find virtual reality videos on free video sharing sites like YouPorn or by searching Google.

Using Sony’s PSVR appears to call for some additional manoeuvres. A PSVR porn-viewing guide is available, but I haven’t tried one out yet.

To get a taste of virtual reality porn, that’s all you need to know; however, due to the large file sizes of VR video, streaming may be choppy and free movies may not be of high quality. You’ll have to (gasp!) pay money to get a better experience.

The Next Generation of Virtual Reality Porn

Select a Virtual Reality Website. There aren’t a tone of VR porn sites because the genre is still in its infancy, it’s more expensive to produce, and its audience is smaller than that of “normal” adult videos. To see if it’s for you, most offer free previews or one-day passes at a steep discount.

Is the door locked?

To enter your credit card information, open your browser, go to the new site you’ve chosen, and click through.Site membership costs can range from $20 to $30 per month.

Full-length, high-quality videos can be streamed from here, though you may experience some interruptions. If so…

It could take a while to download and save the video to your device, as some of these videos can be over 10 gigabytes in size.

To play the video, download Skybox for $10 if you want more features beyond those included in the built-in video browsers of the major VR headsets. That way, you can easily download videos onto your computer and share them via the internet.

How satisfying is sex in virtual reality?

You may be asking yourself if you should watch porn in VR now that you know how. The “you are there” immersion of virtual reality provides a very different experience from traditional porn, but this doesn’t make it better. Like all matters of this sort, it boils down to individual preference. I tried some of it out (purely for academic purposes), and here are the pros and cons, in no particular order of importance:

Focused inwardly

To truly immerse you in the action, the camera will be fixed on your point of view. If you’re into that sort of thing, great; if not, at least you tried it.

It was a great show.

Virtual reality porn videos put the viewer in close proximity to the performers, and while the effect is convincing, it takes skilled actors to sell the sensation. It’s an entirely different style of acting than what you see on film or stage, and many pornographic performers lack the skills necessary to pull it off, so the results can come off as weird rather than sexy. Keep in mind that results may vary.

Abbreviated material

Almost all VR porn seems to be aimed at a mainstream porn audience because it is more expensive and difficult to shoot VR video and there is a smaller audience. You’ll be content if your tastes align with those of the typical porn viewer. It may be challenging, if not impossible, to find what you’re into in the virtual world, especially if your tastes are more niche.


Although most VR porn is aimed at straight men, there is some that is more inclusive. VRporn from the point-of-view of gay men and women (straight, gay, and bi) offers perhaps the most novel VRporn possibility: Imagining yourself in another’s shoes. It’s already weird to look down and see a different body (one that doesn’t skip ab day), but it’s positively freaky to see a body of a different gender. I hope this ushers in a new era of compassion and marks the end of prejudice against sexual minorities.

Those in relationships?

Some couples are donning headsets (and possibly other devices) and bringing the virtual into their real sex lives together, despite the fact that the vast majority of porn will continue to be consumed by individuals. Being the traditionalist that I am, I find the idea of having a genuine encounter while wearing a headset to be a bit ridiculous. Perhaps, however, if this siege lasts for a few more months…

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