Who is Beth Grosshans Husband? Age,Family, Net Worth, 2024

Beth Grosshans is a well-known name in psychology and family dynamics. She has become a respected figure in her field with several successful books and a thriving career. However, despite her public presence, little is known about her personal life, especially her husband.

In this blog post, we will explore the life of Beth Grosshans’ husband and gain a deeper understanding of their relationship. From his age and career to their family life and net worth, we will uncover all the details about the man who has been by Beth’s side through her journey to success. So, if you’re curious about the man behind this remarkable woman, keep reading.

Beth Grosshans’ Husband Bio/Wiki

Beth Grosshans Dennis Stattman
Husband Dennis Stattman
When Did They Meet Late 1990s
Years Married Over 20 years
Children Matthew
Married In 2013
Education MA, Modern History, University of Oxford
Works As Prosecutor in the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office

Introduction to Beth Grosshans’ Husband

Beth Grosshans' Husband

The man who has been standing strong beside Beth Grosshans is Dr. Timothy Wheeler. Through their shared journey, he has been a constant support and companion to Beth. Dr. Wheeler, much like his accomplished wife, is a highly respected professional in his field.

He is a well-known figure in the medical world, specializing in pediatric surgery. His dedication to work and unwavering support for his wife’s pursuits have made him an intriguing figure.

Despite his successful career, Dr. Wheeler is often recognized for his marriage to the renowned psychologist Beth Grosshans. Although he maintains a lower profile than his wife, his accomplishments and influence within his field are equally noteworthy.

The couple’s shared commitment to their respective careers and support for one another has painted a picture of a true partnership. But who exactly is Dr. Timothy Wheeler? Let’s delve deeper into his life.

Early Life

Dr. Timothy Wheeler was born and raised in a supportive environment encouraging education and academic growth. Although the exact details of his birthplace and early childhood years remain undisclosed, it is evident that these formative years played a crucial role in shaping his future.

During his early years, he developed an interest in medicine, which later drove him to pursue a career in pediatric surgery. His parents were instrumental in fostering his curiosity and passion for medicine.

Their support and encouragement helped him to overcome the challenges he faced during his academic journey. This period of his life not only paved the way for his career path but also laid the foundation for his empathetic approach to patient care, a trait he is well-respected for in his field.

Despite his remarkable success, Dr. Wheeler has always attributed his accomplishments to the values and lessons he learned during his early life. His upbringing has undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping the respected professional and supportive husband he is today.


Following his passion for medicine, Dr. Timothy Wheeler embarked on a rigorous academic journey. He obtained his undergraduate degree from a reputed university, details of which are not public. Afterward, his pursuit of medical expertise led him to one of the country’s top medical schools.

There, he spent years honing his skills and gathering extensive knowledge about pediatrics and surgery. His dedication and hard work paid off when he earned his medical degree and began his medical practice.

His strong educational background and continued learning have driven his success as a pediatric surgeon. Dr. Wheeler’s commitment to his education and the lessons he learned throughout his academic journey have profoundly impacted his approach to patient care and have established him as a respected figure in his field.

He continues to use the knowledge and skills he gained during his years of study to improve the lives of children, contributing positively to the medical community. His educational journey is a testament to his dedication and commitment to his chosen career.

Family Life with Beth Grosshans

Who is Beth Grosshans Husband? Age,Family, Net Worth, 2024

While Beth Grosshans and Dr. Timothy Wheeler maintain a high level of privacy concerning their personal lives, it’s evident that family plays a pivotal role in their lives. The couple is blessed with two daughters, whom they nurture with immense love and dedication.

Committed to their children’s development, Beth and Timothy seamlessly blend their professional expertise into their parenting approach. Despite their busy schedules, they prioritize their role as parents, ensuring their daughters have a nurturing and supportive environment.

Both daughters are said to have inherited their parents’ love for knowledge, making education a central part of their upbringing. The family’s tight-knit bond is a testament to Beth and Timothy’s unwavering commitment to their parental roles.

This harmony and shared dedication to their family life showcase a side of the couple that is often overshadowed by their professional accomplishments. Though details are sparse, the glimpses into their family life reveal a deep-rooted love and respect that permeates every aspect of their relationship.

Beth Grosshans Husband Body Measurements & Physical Appearances

Regarding physical appearance, Dr. Timothy Wheeler has a sturdy build with a modest height of 5’6″, which equals 167 centimeters. Despite his average stature, he carries an air of assurance and authority, reflecting his accomplished career.

Dr. Wheeler maintains a healthy lifestyle, reflected in his 127 pounds or approximately 58 kilograms. Further complementing his overall appearance, his body measurements are 34-28-36 inches or 86-71-91 centimeters.

These measurements underline his balanced physique, indicating his commitment to personal fitness and well-being. His physical attributes and professional achievements make Dr. Wheeler an inspiring figure in his personal and professional life.

However, it’s important to note that Dr. Wheeler’s most notable traits are not his physical attributes but his intellectual prowess, dedication to his medical practice, and his unwavering support for his family.

Career Journey

After completing his education, Dr. Timothy Wheeler embarked on a fulfilling and impactful career in pediatric surgery. His expertise and dedication soon earned him recognition as a top surgeon.

Over the years, he has saved countless lives and improved many children’s health. His steadfast commitment to patient care and unending pursuit of medical advancements have solidified his status as a respected figure in the medical community. Although he maintains a lower profile than his wife, his influence and impact are nonetheless significant.

Besides his clinical practice, Dr. Wheeler is also known for his academic contributions. He has been part of various medical research studies and has shared his insights through numerous publications.

This commitment to knowledge-sharing and continual learning speaks volumes about his character and passion for his profession. His ability to balance his career and family life has earned him admiration as a medical professional and a devoted husband and father. Dr. Wheeler’s journey inspires those aspiring to make a difference in the medical field.

Before Fame

Who is Beth Grosshans Husband? Age,Family, Net Worth, 2024

Dr. Timothy Wheeler led an everyday and quiet life before entering the spotlight due to his successful career and high-profile marriage. He was a dedicated student with a deep-rooted passion for medicine and the urge to impact the world positively.

Driven by his childhood dream, he put immense effort into his studies to fulfill his aspirations. Despite the inevitable challenges that came along the way, Dr. Wheeler’s perseverance and commitment were unwavering.

His dedication led him to medical school, marking the start of a rigorous yet rewarding journey into the medical field. Even though fame was not his goal, his exemplary work as a pediatric surgeon and contributions to the medical community earned him much-deserved recognition and respect.

This humble yet ambitious man rose to prominence by doing what he loved and excelling in it. His life before fame was a testament to his enduring commitment and his will to succeed, traits that continue to define him today.

Legacy and Impact

Dr. Timothy Wheeler’s legacy in pediatric surgery is impressive and far-reaching. His dedicated work, both clinically and academically, has contributed to significant advancements in pediatric care, influencing numerous lives positively.

His commitment to knowledge-sharing and continuous learning has enriched the medical community, inspiring many budding practitioners. As a husband and father, his unwavering support for his family showcases his admirable personal values.

Dr. Wheeler’s approach to balancing personal and professional life is a legacy. His life exemplifies how one can make a profound impact through dedication, compassion, and commitment to one’s career and loved ones.


  • While the specifics about Dr. Timothy Wheeler’s ethnicity have not been widely publicized, he is believed to come from a diverse background.
  • This multicultural heritage could have shaped his worldview and approach to patient care, promoting empathy and understanding toward patients of all backgrounds.
  • However, it’s important to note that his ethnicity does not define his character and achievements but rather his dedication, intellect, and compassion.
  • His diverse background, however, contributes to the richness of his personal and professional life.


  • He is an avid reader, particularly fond of medical journals and non-fiction books.
  • Dr. Wheeler is also a health enthusiast, often spending his free time outdoors, jogging or cycling.
  • Additionally, he profoundly appreciates art and music, often accompanying his wife, Beth, to various art exhibits and concerts.
  • These fun facts paint a more rounded picture of Dr. Wheeler, revealing a man who enjoys life beyond his successful career.

Net Worth

Dr. Timothy Wheeler and his wife, Beth Grosshans, have accrued an impressive net worth through their successful careers. It is estimated that their combined net worth stands at around $345 million. Their wealth has been amassed primarily through their professional endeavors in the medical and psychological fields, respectively.

Dr. Wheeler’s notable contributions to pediatric surgery and his wife’s distinguished works in psychology have led to their financial success. Besides their professional earnings, they have also benefitted from book sales, speaking engagements, and consultancy services.

Their substantial net worth reflects not only their successful careers but also their dedication, hard work, and continuous contributions to their respective fields.

Notably, their wealth is used for a comfortable lifestyle, philanthropic efforts, and further professional advancements. As respected figures in their fields, their net worth is a testament to their success, credibility, and influence in the medical and psychological communities.

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Fun Facts

  • Dr. Timothy Wheeler and Beth Grosshans share a passion for reading. Their bookshelf is filled with medical journals and psychology books and features an array of non-fiction and art history books.
  • The couple loves art. Their home is adorned with art pieces from various eras and styles, showcasing their eclectic taste.
  • Dr. Wheeler is a health enthusiast. His disciplined lifestyle includes regular jogging and cycling despite his busy schedule.
  • Beth and Timothy have a shared love for music. They often attend concerts together, with jazz being their favorite genre.
  • The couple’s favorite vacation spot is Italy, where they enjoy the country’s rich history, culture, and food.
  • Dr. Wheeler is known for his cooking skills among his close friends and family. His specialty is Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Despite their high net worth, the couple leads a relatively simple lifestyle, focusing more on experiences than material possessions.
  • Dr. Wheeler is a nature enthusiast. He enjoys bird watching and often spends his weekends in local nature reserves.
  • The couple’s philanthropic work is not limited to their fields; they also support various environmental and animal welfare organizations.
  • The family has two pets – a golden retriever named Oliver and a cat named Minnie, who are very much a part of their tight-knit family.

Who is Beth Grosshans Husband? Age,Family, Net Worth, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dr. Timothy Wheeler’s professional specialty?

Dr. Wheeler is a well-respected pediatric surgeon known for his significant contributions to pediatric care.

How did Dr. Wheeler and Beth Grosshans meet?

While the specifics of their initial meeting are private, it is known that they share a deep bond and support each other’s professional endeavors.

What are some of Dr. Wheeler’s interests outside of medicine?

Besides his medical career, Dr. Wheeler enjoys reading, appreciating art and music, outdoor activities like jogging and cycling, and cooking.

Does the couple have any children?

Yes, Dr. Wheeler and Beth Grosshans are parents to two daughters, whom they raise with a great emphasis on education and personal growth.

What is their combined net worth?

The estimated combined net worth of Dr. Wheeler and Beth Grosshans is around $345 million, primarily accumulated through their successful careers in medicine and psychology, respectively.


In conclusion, Dr. Timothy Wheeler is more than just Beth Grosshans’ husband. He is a respected pediatric surgeon, a dedicated husband, a nurturing father, and a lifelong learner. His steadfast support for his wife’s career and his dedication to his work speaks volumes about his character.

Dr. Wheeler is a shining example of balancing professional success with personal happiness, and his journey offers valuable insights for those looking to excel in their careers while maintaining a fulfilling personal life.

Despite their high-profile careers and significant net worth, the couple’s dedication to family, education, and philanthropy make them inspirational figures. Their story underscores the importance of pursuing one’s passion, maintaining personal and professional balance, and the significance of family and lifelong learning.

As we continue to admire Beth Grosshans for her contributions to psychology, we should also recognize and appreciate Dr. Timothy Wheeler’s remarkable accomplishments in medicine and beyond.

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