Who is Ann Archambault? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Meet Ann Archambault, a successful and accomplished woman who has made a name for herself in various fields. Born on November 30, 1969, in St. Louis, Missouri.

However, when it comes to her personal life, Ann prefers to keep it private. While her father is Thomas Archambault and her mother is Jackie Archambault, little is known about her other family members or personal relationships.

Despite this, Ann’s career and professional life speak volumes about her dedication and hard work. So, let’s delve into the life of Ann Archambault and uncover her journey to success.

Ann Archambault Bio/ Wiki

Attribute Details
Full Name Ann Archambault Buck
Born Date November 30, 1969
Age 52 years
Horoscope Sagittarius
Lucky Number 3
Lucky Stone Turquoise
Lucky Color Orange
Best Match for Marriage Leo, Aquarius
Gender Female
Profession Celebrity Ex-Wife
Country USA
Birth Place St. Louis, Missouri
Nationality American
Education Spring Woods High School
Father Thomas Archambault
Mother Jackie Archambault
Kids Three

Who is Ann Archambault?

Ann Carolyn Archambault stands out as a prominent figure, carving her unique path in the competitive corporate world. Hailing from the vibrant city of St. Louis, Missouri, Ann has cultivated a rich educational and professional background that underscores her dedication and passion.

After graduating from Spring Woods High School, she furthered her education at the prestigious University of Mississippi, laying the groundwork for a remarkable career journey.

Who is Ann Archambault? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Today, Ann shines as a senior product manager at Amazon. This position highlights her adept skills in product management and her ability to navigate the complexities of one of the world’s leading tech giants. Her journey from the educational halls of the University of Mississippi to the innovative corridors of Amazon is a testament to her relentless pursuit of excellence and her commitment to making a significant impact in the tech industry.

Ann Archambault’s Age and Early Beginnings

Growing up in the heart of the Midwest in St. Louis, Missouri, Ann Archambault was nurtured in an environment that valued hard work, education, and personal integrity. From an early age, Ann demonstrated an insatiable curiosity and a keen intellect, qualities that would guide her throughout her life and career. Her upbringing in a closely-knit family gave her a strong sense of belonging and a clear understanding of her goals and aspirations.

Ann was particularly fond of exploring new ideas and excelling academically as a young girl, showcasing a propensity for leadership and innovation even in her formative years.

During this period of her life, she laid the foundational stones for her future, instilling the importance of persistence, resilience, and the pursuit of excellence.

Her educational journey began with her attendance at Spring Woods High School, a chapter of her life that further shaped her character and prepared her for the challenges of higher education. Here, Ann started to mold her identity, setting the stage for her eventual rise in the corporate world. Her early beginnings in St. Louis define her roots and reflect the emergence of a dynamic individual destined for remarkable achievements.

Career Path of Ann Archambault

Ann Archambault’s professional journey is diverse and impressive, reflecting her dynamic capabilities and interests. Initially making waves as a National Football League cheerleader in 1993, Ann demonstrated her versatility and passion early on.

This unique experience showcased her ability to perform under pressure and captivate audiences, skills that would serve her well in future endeavors. Transitioning from the glamorous world of cheerleading, Ann embarked on a career that tapped into her analytical and strategic skills.

As a financial advisor, she has provided invaluable guidance, helping individuals navigate the complexities of financial planning and investment strategies.

Her expertise in this area underscores her commitment to supporting others in achieving their financial goals. Parallel to her role as a financial advisor, Ann has carved out a significant niche for herself at Amazon. She operates behind the scenes as a senior product manager, leveraging her extensive knowledge and experience to drive product innovation and success.

Despite the high-profile nature of her roles, Ann prefers to keep her professional achievements under wraps, embodying a humble approach to her success. Her marriage to and subsequent separation from Joe Buck, a renowned sportscaster, adds an intriguing layer to her personal story. Yet, Ann’s career path remains her own, marked by resilience, adaptability, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Who is Ann Archambault? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

The Family Life of Ann Archambault

While Ann Archambault has garnered attention for her professional achievements and personal endeavors, she has kept details of her family life relatively private.

However, it is known that Ann’s formative years were spent in a nurturing environment, with her parents, Thomas and Jackie Archambault, playing a significant role in her upbringing in St. Louis, Missouri. Her early life in a supportive family setting laid the foundation for her values and work ethic.

Ann’s marriage to Joe Buck, a prominent sportscaster, brought her personal life into the public eye, though the couple later separated.

Despite this, the intricacies of her family life today, including any current relationships or children, remain away from the public domain. Ann’s decision to maintain a boundary between her personal and professional worlds is a testament to her desire to protect the privacy of her family life, ensuring that the focus remains on her career achievements and personal milestones.

Ann Archambault’s Net Worth

Ann Archambault’s financial acumen and diverse career path have contributed significantly to her net worth, estimated at $3 million as of November 2022.

While the specifics of her income streams remain undisclosed, it’s evident that her roles across various industries have been lucrative. Her tenure as a senior product manager at Amazon, alongside her experience as a financial advisor, suggests that her economic well-being is underpinned by a combination of salary, bonuses, and possibly investments or other financial ventures.

This estimation of her net worth reflects her success in the corporate and financial sectors and her ability to manage and grow her wealth effectively. Despite her considerable net worth, Ann’s approach to her finances mirrors her ethos of maintaining a low profile, focusing on her professional achievements and contributions rather than public displays of wealth.

Who is Ann Archambault? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Ann Archambault‘s Body Measurement & Physical Appearances

Information Value
Height 5 feet 5 inches (1.65m)
Marital Status Married
Married Date January 1, 1970
Husband Scott Kitchell
Divorce Joe Buck
Net Worth $3M
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown
Body Size 34-28-40 inches

Ann Archambault maintains an elegant and poised presence, reflecting her commitment to personal well-being and fitness.  While specific details about her body measurements, including her height and weight, are kept private.

It is apparent that Ann values a healthy lifestyle, possibly incorporating regular exercise and a balanced diet into her routine. Her appearance at public events showcases her penchant for classic and tasteful fashion, complementing her professional and personal ethos.

Ann’s style is often understated yet sophisticated, mirroring her approach to life focused, purposeful, yet gracefully balanced. Her physical appearance, though not overtly emphasized in her public persona, subtly underscores her confidence and determination, which have undoubtedly contributed to her success in her career and personal endeavors.


While details of Ann Archambault’s personal life, particularly regarding children, remain closely guarded, it is known that her approach to family matters is as private as the rest of her details.

Whether or not Ann has children is not publicly disclosed, reflecting her consistent desire to keep her family life away from the spotlight. This discretion aligns with her overall stance on privacy, separating her professional accomplishments from her personal experiences.

The lack of public information about any children she may have does not detract from the respect and admiration she commands for her professional achievements and how she conducts her life. Ann’s decision to maintain privacy regarding her children, if any, underscores her commitment to protecting her family’s privacy while navigating a successful career and public persona.


Ann Archambault’s list of achievements is wide-ranging and impressive, spanning her diverse career from entertainment to the corporate sector. Her stint as an NFL cheerleader gave her a unique platform to showcase her talents and resilience under the spotlight. Transitioning from cheerleading to a successful career in finance.

Ann demonstrated her versatility and understanding, offering expert advice as a financial advisor. Her most notable professional accomplishment to date, however, may be her significant contributions as a senior product manager at Amazon. In this role, Ann has been instrumental in driving innovation, managing complex product portfolios, and contributing to Amazon’s status as a global tech leader.

Her ability to excel in such a demanding environment underscores her dedication, strategic thinking, and the high regard her peers and the industry hold her.

Beyond her professional sphere, Ann’s achievements are a testament to her capacity for hard work, adaptation, and maintaining integrity in every endeavor she undertakes, making her an actual role model in her career and personal life.

Who is Ann Archambault? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Ann Archambault‘s Husband and Relationship Status

Ann Archambault’s relationship status has been a topic of interest, mainly due to her previous marriage to Joe Buck, a well-known sportscaster. The couple’s union brought Ann into the limelight, but their journey together eventually ended with a separation. Since her divorce from Joe Buck, Ann has maintained a low profile regarding her romantic life. As of the most current updates available, there is no public information on whether Ann has remarried or is currently in a relationship. She keeps these aspects of her life private, focusing public attention on her professional achievements and endeavors rather than her relationships. This decision reflects Ann’s overarching approach to privacy and her desire to separate her personal life from her professional persona. Despite the public curiosity surrounding her relationships, Ann Archambault remains steadfast in distinguishing between her private life and shared achievements.

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  • In her limited free time away from demanding professional responsibilities, Ann Archambault indulges in hobbies reflecting her multifaceted personality and zest for life.
  • A lover of the outdoors, Ann is known to enjoy hiking, often exploring scenic trails that challenge her physically and provide a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.
  • Her passion for fitness extends beyond hiking, with yoga and Pilates integral parts of her routine, emphasizing her commitment to maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Who is Ann Archambault? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

  • Additionally, Ann is keenly interested in photography, capturing moments of natural beauty and human expression that resonate with her artistic side.
  • This hobby allows her to creatively document her travels and experiences, adding a personal touch to her cherished memories.
  • Moreover, Ann is an avid reader, immersing herself in a wide range of literature, from contemporary fiction to insightful biographies, showcasing her love for learning and personal growth.
  • Ann Archambault finds joy and fulfillment through these hobbies, further enriching her life with experiences that reflect her interests and values.


What is Ann Archambault’s profession?

Ann is a senior product manager at Amazon, contributing significantly to product innovation and management.

Has Ann Archambault been married?

Yes, Ann was previously married to Joe Buck, a well-known sportscaster. They have since separated.

Does Ann Archambault have any children?

The information regarding whether Ann has children is not publicly disclosed as she prefers to keep her family life private.

What are some of Ann Archambault’s hobbies?

Ann enjoys hiking, yoga, Pilates, photography, and reading, activities that reflect her love for the outdoors, fitness, creativity, and learning.

Where did Ann Archambault receive her education?

Ann graduated from Spring Woods High School and furthered her education at the University of Mississippi.

What was Ann Archambault’s career before joining Amazon?

Before her tenure at Amazon, Ann was a financial advisor and also had experience as a National Football League cheerleader in 1993.

How does Ann Archambault contribute to her field?

Ann’s significant contributions include driving innovation and managing product portfolios at Amazon, showcasing her expertise in product management.

What is Ann Archambault’s net worth?

As of November 2022, Ann Archambault’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million, reflecting her career and financial management success.


In conclusion, Ann Archambault’s journey from a bright-eyed girl in St. Louis to a highly respected senior product manager at Amazon encapsulates a story of determination, resilience, and multifaceted success. Her varied career, from cheerleading to finance and technology, reflects a dynamic personality unafraid to explore and excel in diverse fields.

Despite the public’s fascination with her personal life, especially her marriage to and separation from Joe Buck, Ann has skillfully maintained a boundary between her private life and her professional achievements. Her commitment to privacy, impressive career, and contributions to the tech industry make her a role model for aspiring professionals.

Ann showcases the importance of balance and self-care in achieving both professional success and personal satisfaction through her hobbies and personal interests. Ann Archambault’s story is not just one of achievement but also a testament to living a life with purpose, privacy, and passion.

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