Who is Aditi Mistry? Bio, Career, Age, Height, Net Worth & More

Aditi Mistry is a popular fitness model and influencer on Instagram. She became interested in fitness at a young age and gained a following on social media by sharing her workout videos.

Aditi’s hard work and dedication to staying fit have inspired many of her followers to lead a healthy lifestyle. Her commitment to fitness has earned her a large fan base and collaborations with various fitness brands.

Aditi mistry lives continues to motivate and encourage her followers to achieve their fitness goals through her social media platforms. With her growing popularity, Aditi has also become a well-known name in the world of social media influencers.

In This Article, We take a Closer Look at Aditi Mistry’s Bio, Age, Net Worth, Career & More.

Aditi Mistry Bio/Wiki

Full NameAditi Mistry
ProfessionFitness Model, Social Media Influencer
Known forFitness Photoshoots
Date of Birth26 July 2000
Day of BirthWednesday
Birth PlaceGujarat, India
Currently livesMumbai

Who is Aditi Mistry?

Who is Aditi Mistry? Bio, Career, Age, Height, Net Worth & More

Aditi Mistry is a fitness model and influencer on Instagram who shares videos and pictures on Instagram, showing people how to stay fit and healthy.

She loves working out and has a lot of people who like to see what she does on social media. Aditi mistry live born in Gujarat, India, on July 26, 2000.

From when she was young, Aditi knew she liked fitness a lot. She worked hard to be good at it and help others like it. Now, she talks to people online about fitness and shows them how to be healthy.

People enjoy watching her because she is good at what she does, and she helps them learn about staying fit. Aditi’s love for fitness has made her a favorite online, and many people look up to her.

Aditi Mistry Career

Aditi Mistry started her job in fitness by teaching others how to be strong and healthy. She worked hard, and soon, she got to model for bikini photos. Aditi loves this job and wants to be known as the best in doing bikini photo shoots.

Being a fitness model is important to her. She shows off her strength and good health in pictures and videos. This job lets her help others see how cool fitness can be.

Aditi dreams of reaching the top of her modeling career and works daily to make that dream come true. She believes that she can inspire more people to enjoy fitness and healthy living with effort and love for what she does.

The Rise to Social Media Fame

Aditi Mistry’s journey to becoming famous on social media is exciting. She started by sharing her fitness journey online. People liked watching her workout videos and seeing her fitness tips. Soon, more and more people began to follow her.

They loved how she showed ways to be healthy and fit. Aditi shared pictures and videos of her exercises, what she eats, and how she stays strong. Her honesty and hard work made many people want to be like her.

This made her very popular on platforms like Instagram. She didn’t become famous overnight. It took a lot of effort and time. Aditi kept sharing her fitness life every day.

Her dedication to helping others get fit and her amazing fitness skills helped her become a well-loved fitness model on social media. People worldwide now follow her for tips on being healthy and fit.

Her story shows that you can reach many people and share something good with them with hard work and a love for what you do.

Aditi Mistry Age

Who is Aditi Mistry? Bio, Career, Age, Height, Net Worth & More

Aditi Mistry was born on a sunny day, July 26, 2000. She comes from a place in India called Gujarat. Gujarat is known for its culture and history.

If you think about how old she is now, Aditi is 24 years old as of 2024. Imagine she has already done so much at such a young age.

She’s shown a lot of people how to stay healthy and fit. Being 24 means she’s still early in her career but has already achieved a lot. It’s cool to think about what she might do next. Just like you and me, Aditi has a birthday every year.

On July 26, she turned one year older, just like you celebrate your birthday with cake and gifts. Remember, age is just a number, but what you do with your time counts. Aditi uses her time to inspire others and share her love for fitness.

Aditi Mistry Height and Physical Attributes

In centimeters160 cm
In meters1.60 m
In Feet and Inches5’3″
In kilograms58 kg
In pounds121 lbs
Physical MeasurementSlim
Hair ColorBlack
In centimetresBlack
Skin ColorFair
Shoe Size7 inches

Aditi Mistry is a little short, but she is very fit. She stands 5 feet 3 inches tall, about as tall as a big refrigerator. She weighs 121 pounds, which is just right for her height, making her look strong and healthy.

Aditi works out to keep her body slim and in good shape. Her hair and eyes are black, which is common in India, where she comes from. Aditi has a fair skin color, which means her skin is light.

She looks after her body very well by eating healthy foods and exercising. This helps her stay in good shape for her modeling work. Aditi mistry bikini People like seeing her fitness photos because she shows that being strong and healthy is beautiful.

Aditi Mistry Net Worth and Endorsements

Who is Aditi Mistry? Bio, Career, Age, Height, Net Worth & More

Aditi Mistry has done a great job as a fitness model, and because of that, she makes a good amount of money. Right now, her net worth is about 65 lakh Indian Rupees.

This means she has earned a lot of money from her work in modeling and sharing her fitness journey on the Internet.

Aditi also works with some brands that sell fitness products and clothes. These companies pay her to show their items on her social media.

This is called an endorsement. When Aditi shows a product in her posts, her followers might want to buy it because they trust her.

This helps the companies sell more, and they give Aditi money to help them. It’s like seeing your favorite movie star drinking a certain soda and wanting to drink it, too.

Aditi’s fitness and social media success has helped her earn money and work with these brands.

Aditi Mistry Education Details

School (10th & 12th)Sabarmati Girls School, Ahmedabad
CollegeRai University, Gujarat
Education DegreeBBA Graduate

Aditi Mistry went to Sabarmati Girls School in Ahmedabad for her early education. This is where she learned all sorts of things kids learn in school, like reading, writing, and math.

When she finished school, Aditi decided she wanted to learn even more. So, she went to Rai University, which is also in Gujarat, where she comes from.

At Rai University, Aditi studied hard and earned a BBA degree for a Bachelor of Business Administration.

This degree taught her a lot about how businesses work, which is helpful, especially if she wants to start her own business one day. Just like going to school and college helped Aditi learn and grow, it shows us how important learning is for achieving our dreams.

The Future Prospects of Aditi Mistry

Looking ahead, Aditi Mistry has big dreams for her future. She wants to keep growing as a fitness model and start her own workout clothes or health foods brand.

Since she loves fitness so much, she could also teach more people how to exercise and eat right.

Aditi could use the internet to reach even more people worldwide, sharing her tips on staying healthy and fit. She also might get into acting or hosting a show about fitness because she’s good in front of the camera.

She could write a book about her journey and how to live a fit life, sharing stories to help others. No matter what, Aditi plans to keep working hard and chasing her dreams. She wants to keep inspiring people to take care of their health.

Her path is full of possibilities, and it’s clear she’s just getting started on her mission to make the world a healthier place.

Aditi Mistry Boyfriend

Who is Aditi Mistry? Bio, Career, Age, Height, Net Worth & More

People often talk about who someone famous is dating. They are curious about their love life. For Aditi Mistry, many people think she might be dating Sahil Khan.

Sahil Khan is known for his fitness, too. But here’s the thing – neither Aditi nor Sahil Khan has said they are dating.

It’s just a rumour, like a guess or a story that people share without knowing if it’s true. It’s important to remember that we only know for sure once Aditi or Sahil Khan says something about it.

They might be good friends who both like fitness. Just like you might have friends you hang out with because you both like the same things, it could be the same for Aditi and Sahil Khan.

Social Media Presence

Social Media PlatformUsername
Aditi mistry onlyfansaditimistry20

Aditi Mistry has a big presence on social media. She is very active and shares a lot with her followers.

Aditi has made 400 posts on Instagram. Many pictures and videos about fitness, health, and her life! She has a huge number of people following her – 2.1 million.

Imagine that many people are watching what you do and listening to what you say. Aditi also follows 202 other accounts. These might be friends, other fitness enthusiasts, and brands she likes.

On social media, Aditi shows parts of her workout, what she eats, and tips for staying healthy. People enjoy her posts because they are helpful and inspire them to be fit like her. Through Instagram, Aditi reaches out to many people worldwide, sharing her passion for fitness and healthy living.


Who is Aditi Mistry? Bio, Career, Age, Height, Net Worth & More

In the world of being famous on the internet, sometimes things happen that make people talk a lot.

Like many people known by many, Aditi Mistry has had times when people talked a lot about things she did or said. These talks are called controversies. It’s like when something happens in school that makes everyone whisper.

However, Aditi Mistry hot and cool, always tries to stay positive and focus on fitness and health. She believes in spreading good vibes and helping others stay fit. Even when people talk about things that might not be so nice, Aditi mistry leaks keeps sharing her love for fitness and healthy living.

She doesn’t let these talks stop her from doing what she loves. For example, sometimes you might trip in a game, but you get up and keep playing. That’s what Aditi does. She keeps going, no matter what people say.


  • Dancing: Aditi loves to dance. It’s a fun way for her to stay active and express herself. Dancing helps her feel happy and free.
  • Cooking Healthy Meals: She enjoys cooking. Aditi tries new recipes that are good for you. She believes eating healthy is part of staying fit.
  • Traveling: Exploring new places is one of her hobbies. Aditi loves to see different parts of the world and learn about new cultures.
  • Reading: Aditi likes to read books. Reading helps her relax and learn new things, especially about fitness and health.
  • Photography: Taking pictures is something Aditi mistry latest enjoys. She captures moments from her travels and daily life, showing the beauty she sees.
  • Yoga: Yoga is important to her. It helps Aditi stay flexible and calm. It’s another way she likes to keep her body and mind healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Aditi Mistry?

Aditi Mistry is 24 years old. She was born on July 26, 2000.

Where does Aditi Mistry come from?

Aditi comes from Gujarat, India. It’s a place known for its rich culture and history.

What does Aditi Mistry do?

Aditi is a fitness model and influencer. She shares videos and pictures to help people stay fit and healthy.

How tall is Aditi Mistry?

Aditi is 5 feet 3 inches tall. That’s like being as tall as a big refrigerator.

What is Aditi Mistry’s net worth?

Aditi’s net worth is about 65 lakh Indian Rupees. She earns money from modeling and working with fitness brands.

Does Aditi Mistry work with any brands?

Yes, Aditi works with brands that sell fitness products and clothes. She helps them by showing their products on her social media.

What are Aditi Mistry’s dreams for the future?

Aditi dreams of growing as a fitness model and maybe starting her brand. She also wants to keep teaching people about fitness and healthy living.


Ultimately, Aditi Mistry shows us how amazing it is to work hard and follow our dreams. She started loving fitness and now helps many people learn to be healthy and strong.

Aditi’s story is inspiring because it shows that you can make a big difference if you like something and work hard.

She is young but has already done so much. It’s exciting to think about what she will do next. Remember, like Aditi, you can achieve big things too. All it takes is passion and hard work.

Thanks to Aditi, we know more about staying fit and the fun of sharing what we love with others. Keep an eye on Aditi Mistry, as she’s just getting started, and there’s a lot more she plans to do to inspire everyone around her.

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