What are the Mandatory Features for a Real Estate Application?

An ios app development company works on the ideation, along with the designing and development of the real estate app along with others based on the prior requirements processed by the clients. 

A client is coming up with a different mindset, and they think that whatever they’re assuming in mind will come to reality without putting in excessive efforts but the reality is entirely different. 

The app designer, app developer, marketers, and QA experts sit together and plan out the things for the seamless deployment of the apps. 

There are different apps available within the market, and most of them are considered for the utmost need of the clients. 

In this blog, we are going to explore the interesting features that should be available within a real estate app. 

We will disclose the interesting features of the real estate app and will make you more interested in the investment of the app design. 

Are you ready to explore these statistics with us?

Real Estate Statistics You Should Know!

In this section, we are going to explore the interesting points related to the real estate industry. Are you ready to explore these with us? 

Real estate is one of the crucial parts of the global industry, and residential real estate provides housing while it also helps individuals and families to get a place to live and spend their time. 

Offices, logistics facilities, and retail owners are eagerly looking up for real estate apps that help them with the location finding, and build a wealthy environment.

According to a study, smartphones are now occupying an integral part within our daily lives, moreover, it’s not a surprise for any of us that mobile app usage in the real estate industry is on the rise these days. 

Moreover, over 80% of the potential homebuyers begin their property search using the mobile apps. However, this statistics underscores the importance of the IT solutions in reaching the target audience, and engaging them well within the globe.

User experience is at the extreme in the real estate industry, and mobile apps play a great role in delivering it to the end users. So it’s important to choose a top MVP development company for your business.

Statistics reveal that the nearby percentage is around 90% of the real estate professionals that believe in mobile apps contributing to an improved user experience, which leads to an increased and better customer experience, and satisfaction level.

Lastly, the real estate software solutions allows a lot of companies to showcase their property listing and offers a virtual tour to the customers. 

This builds an interactive approach to the customers, providing them an highly effective approach, with over 70% of the users preferring apps that offer their core features to the customers. 

Moreover, the real estate app features 360 degree virtual tours experiencing a 25% increase in the user engagement that is great.

People are still integrating AR and VR functionalities within the real estate app. For example, you can explore the portfolio of a VR app development company and see how well they’ve been doing in the industry.

Let’s get started with the features of the real estate app. 

Interesting and Most Important Features For A Real Estate Application

In this section, we are going to explore the interesting features of the real estate app that would enable you to give a much better idea of what’s trending in the tech world. 

  • User Onboarding (Registration and Login)

A real estate app should have the user onboarding feature that is one of the most important features for an app. It needs to be so simple and concrete that any user can easily register and login.

These are the few things that should be included in the real estate app:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Social media accounts
  • Phone Number

As an app developer you should include all of these points within the app to make it more interesting. 

Ensure that all the users should login and register to the app by completing this information. 

  • Property Listing and Database Integration

Once the user has successfully registered for the real estate app, the next steps include the property listing and enabling them with the photos insertion.

You need to show the list of properties available to the customers with all the necessary details in the details section. 

Users who want to rent out things, and sell properties can select from the images posted, and get the job done!

And for that, the app developer should integrate a high capacity database that keeps the images of the properties along with the details.

  • Filters and Categories

Thirdly, we have filters and categorization which is the most interesting part of the real estate app. The filters will enable you with the accurate selection of the properties based on the attributes you want in your properties.

So, in simple words, the proper searching process can be made seamless with the filters that are installed for an advanced experience. 

You can search with the categories, and those filters will help you to locate the properties that best fits your needs.

  • Make a Property Favorite

The real estate app should allow the user to favorite a shortlisted property which can be purchased later. 

Regardless of whatever the situation is, it will help them remember that property and get it named under them timely.

It’s one of the greatest features for a real estate app, hence a real estate app development company should include this feature within the features list. 

  • Maps Allocation

Hence, the last feature that we are going to explore within the real estate app is the map feature that enables them to search for the property based on their likes. 

This quick integration of the maps will make it easier for them to search for the desired location, and explore the properties within that area. 

Wrapping up 

Hence, this is it for the day. We hope you all enjoyed reading about the interesting features for real estate that should be present within the feature lists. 

However, if you still possess some more information then, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

We would love to hear your thoughts, and bring it on in a single page. Sounds interesting? Let’s connect to explore more!

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