Getting Started: Steps To Launch Your Career As A Disney Travel Planner

Do you like to plan amazing trips for people or are you currently doing this? If this is so, a career as a travel planner can be a perfect fit for you. This job is all about making appointments to Disney parks, cruises, and other interesting places to visit. It is ideal for people who like planning in detail and creating enchanting scenarios.

Here, you find yourself in a position where you help families as well as Disney enthusiasts plan the perfect trip. Indeed, it is a perfect job that combines play with innovation and attention to clients. You will find out about every Disney destination and assist people with getting the best out of their travels.

Who’s a Disney Travel Planner?

A Disney travel planner is a professional who focuses on planning and arranging Disney vacations for clients including trips to Disney parks and resorts, cruises and other related activities. They offer important recommendations, make arrangements and ensure that Disney trips suit each customer. To do this job, you need to be familiar with the Disney destinations, have a good eye on details, and love to serve. 

How to Be a Disney Travel Planner?

Step 1: To Understand the Role

The first thing that should be done before applying for this position is a clear understanding of what this position involves. You will be expected to familiarize yourself and update yourself with anything concerning Disney. These are park openings, ride closures, special events, and seasonal attractions. The aim is to make what you offer enjoyable and stress-free to your clients as much as possible, while remaining magical.

Step 2: Get Educated

Surprisingly, there is no need to have formal education to be a Disney travel planner, although knowledge in travel and tourism would be very beneficial. Read about the different parks under Disney as well as international parks and cruise lines. There is a plethora of information available on the internet about Disney vacation planning.

Step 3: Certification and Training

In addition to gaining credibility and knowledge, you may want to pursue certification. There are different organizations that provide training programs on Disney travel. Such programs may include courses that teach Disney travel planners how to book a trip and how to plan it in the most effective manner. 

Step 4: Become a Member

Networking is very important in the travel planning business. To start your career, you may want to become a member of a network or an agency that focuses on Disney travel. Such networks usually give you an opportunity to use booking systems, marketing resources, and other materials that can improve your chances of getting more clients and planning excellent trips.


Starting a career as a Disney travel planner is fun and rewarding for anyone who is a fan of Disney and enjoys making travel plans for others. It entails commitment, training, and love for the things that Disney stands for. If you understand the role, get the right education, get your certification and join a network, then you’re well on your way to making magic happen for travelers worldwide.

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