Hendrix Wilburn Age, Height, Career, Family, Net Worth, Bio/Wiki 2024

Hendrix Wilburn is a young boy who has captured the hearts of many with his charming smile and adorable antics. He was born on December 15, 2018, and is six years old. Hendrix’s parents are famous rapper Future and his ex-girlfriend Joie Chavis.

Despite his young age, Hendrix has already made a name for himself as a social media sensation, with over 400k followers on Instagram. He often shares cute photos and videos with his fans, giving them a glimpse into his daily life.

Hendrix Wilburn Bio/Wiki

Full NameHendrix Wilburn
Date of Birth15th December 2018
Age6 years old (as of 2024)
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusSingle
ParentsFuture and Joie Chavis
SiblingsHalf-siblings: Jakobi, Londyn, Prince, Paris, Kash, Reign, Future Zahir, and Shai
Famous ForBeing Future’s son

Who is Hendrix Wilburn?

Hendrix Wilburn Age, Height, Career, Family, Net Worth, Bio/Wiki 2024

Hendrix Wilburn is a little boy who became famous because his dad is a well-known music artist named Future, and his mom is Joie Chavis. Even though Hendrix is very young, many people like to see pictures and videos of him doing fun things.

He has a big family with brothers and sisters, and they sometimes appear in his photos, too. Hendrix likes playing and exploring just like any other kid his age. People enjoy watching him grow up and see what new adventures he will have next.

Early Life and Education

Hendrix Wilburn was born on a cold day in December, just before Christmas in 2018. Even though he’s still very young, he’s learning a lot daily. Hendrix is not yet in significant school, but he might be in preschool, where kids learn by playing and making friends.

At home, his mom and dad teach him new things, like colors, numbers, and even songs. Hendrix loves exploring and learning, which is very important for little kids. Every day is an adventure for him, filled with learning and fun.

Real Name

Hendrix Wilburn’s real name is what people call him daily: Hendrix Wilburn. Sometimes, when someone is famous or has famous parents, they might have a stage name or a nickname different from their real name.

But for Hendrix, his real name is the exact name you hear. It’s a unique name given to him by his mom and dad when he was born. This name is just for him, and it fits him perfectly as he grows and has fun daily.

Current Address

Hendrix Wilburn lives in a house with his family. We don’t know the exact place where he lives because it’s essential to keep it private for his safety. Just like you have a home where you feel safe and play with your toys۔

Hendrix has his own space to play, learn, and spend time with his mom, dad, and siblings. It’s a place filled with love and laughter, where he makes many fun daily memories.


Hendrix Wilburn Age, Height, Career, Family, Net Worth, Bio/Wiki 2024

Hendrix Wilburn is American. He was born in the United States. This means he is from the same country as big cities like New York and Los Angeles. Being American is part of who he is, just like some kids might be from other places worldwide.

Hendrix shares this nationality with his mom and dad, which connects him to many other people in the United States.

 Age, Height, Weight

Hendrix Wilburn is a little boy who turned six in December 2022. Since he is still growing, his height and weight change constantly, just like how you might suddenly find your shoes feeling tight.

Hendrix is around the same height as some of your friends at school, a little taller or shorter. We don’t know exactly how tall he is or how much he weighs because those details about him aren’t shared with everyone.

What’s essential is that Hendrix is healthy and happy, playing and learning daily.


Hendrix Wilburn’s mom is Joie Chavis, and his dad is a famous rapper named Future. They both love Hendrix very much. His mom and dad are not together anymore, but they ensure Hendrix feels happy and loved.

His mom takes care of him and shows him how to be kind. His dad makes music that lots of people enjoy. Even though they are busy, they spend time with Hendrix, playing games and having fun. They are a big part of why Hendrix smiles so much.

 Sister and Brother 

Hendrix has brothers and sisters are part of his big, loving family. They play together and share toys; sometimes, you might see them in pictures with Hendrix. Each of them is special in their own way, and they all help make Hendrix’s life full of fun and adventures.

Having siblings means Hendrix always has someone to play with, laugh with, and learn from. It’s like having best friends who are also your family. They care for each other a lot and share many happy moments.


Hendrix Wilburn Age, Height, Career, Family, Net Worth, Bio/Wiki 2024

Hendrix Wilburn is only six years old and has no husband or boyfriend. His life is all about playing, learning new things, and spending time with his family. He enjoys exploring the outdoors, playing with toys, and being with his brothers and sisters.

Hendrix is focusing on being a kid and having fun every day. Making friends and learning how to share and care for others are some of the things he is learning about right now.


Hendrix Wilburn has no children because he is just a little boy, only six years old. Children usually mean babies or kids that someone has when they are grown-ups.

Hendrix is still in the stage of his life where he plays with toys, learns new things at school, and enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

His days are filled with fun activities and adventures for a kid his age. He is busy being a happy, playful, and curious child, exploring the world around him with lots of energy and excitement.


Hendrix Wilburn doesn’t have his own Wikipedia page yet because he is still very young. Wikipedia pages are often made for people who have done many things in their lives, like actors, scientists, or singers.

Since Hendrix is only six, he is busy learning and playing, not working on big projects that might get him a Wikipedia page. But, with his dad being famous and having many fans, people are very interested in Hendrix’s life. He might have a Wikipedia page about him when he grows up and does exciting things.

Presence on Social Media

Hendrix Wilburn is quite popular on the internet, especially for someone so young! He has a significant number of followers on Instagram, which is a place where people share pictures and videos. His mom or dad manages Hendrix’s account because he is still a kid.

On his page, you can see many fun moments from his life. He shares adventures from his day, happy times with his family, and lots of his smiles.

People from all over like to see what Hendrix is up to and leave lovely comments for him.


Hendrix Wilburn is still very young and has no job like grown-ups. His “career” is being a kid and having fun۔ He enjoys doing things many kids like, such as playing games, exploring the outdoors, and learning new things daily.

Sometimes, Hendrix shares his adventures on social media through photos and videos, which many people love to see.

Even though he’s not working in a career, Hendrix’s joyful moments bring smiles to those who follow his journey. As he grows up, who knows what exciting paths he will explore!

 Net worth

Hendrix Wilburn is still a little kid and doesn’t have money like adults do. People talking about “net worth” means how much money someone has. But Hendrix depends on his mom and dad to take care of him and buy him the things he needs, like toys and clothes.

His dad, Future, is a famous rapper who makes much money from his music. This means Hendrix’s family has enough money to make sure he has a good life, but Hendrix himself is too young to have a net worth.


Hendrix Wilburn Age, Height, Career, Family, Net Worth, Bio/Wiki 2024

Hendrix Wilburn is still very young, so his plans are endless! He enjoys playing, learning, and being with his family. As he grows up, he might find things he loves to do or be curious about new hobbies.

Maybe he will love music like his dad or find his unique path. What’s essential is that Hendrix has fun and keeps learning.

His family and followers are excited to see what adventures he will choose as he ages. Every day is a chance for something new and wonderful for Hendrix.

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Hendrix Wilburn loves doing lots of fun things. Here are some of his favorite hobbies: Here are some of his favorite hobbies:

  • Playing with toys: Hendrix enjoys playing with all kinds of toys, especially cars and action figures.
  • Exploring outside: He loves going outdoors, running around in the park, and exploring nature.
  • Listening to music: With a dad like Future, Hendrix likes listening to music and even trying to sing along.
  • Drawing and coloring: Hendrix also enjoys making art, drawing pictures, and coloring them in bright colors.
  • Spending time with family: He loves playing games and having fun with his brothers, sisters, and parents.

Frequently Asked Question

How old is Hendrix Wilburn?

He’s six years old.

Who are Hendrix’s parents?

His mom is Joie Chavis, and his dad is the rapper Future.


 Does Hendrix go to school?

He might be in preschool, where kids learn and play!

Does Hendrix have any brothers or sisters?

Yes, he has some siblings to play and share toys with.

Hendrix Wilburn Age, Height, Career, Family, Net Worth, Bio/Wiki 2024

Is Hendrix on social media?

He is, but his mom or dad helps him with it since he’s still a kid.

What does Hendrix like to do for fun?

He loves playing with toys, exploring outside, and spending time with his family.


Hendrix Wilburn is a happy and curious little boy who loves to play, learn, and spend time with his family.

Even though he is very young, many people enjoy seeing what he does daily through pictures and videos. Hendrix’s Future is full of exciting possibilities, and everyone is excited to see what adventures he will have next.

As he grows up, he might discover new hobbies or follow in his dad’s footsteps with music. No matter what, it’s sure to be a fun journey for Hendrix and those who follow his story.

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